Microsoft Great Plains as ERP and Microsoft CRM as Client Relation Management system is really robust combination and could serve midsize to large corporation as Business System. Being VP IT or IT Director you need to visualize the positions to have in your IT department to do internal MS Great Plains and MS CRM support.
Let us give you the directions, based on our research and consulting practice.
1. Microsoft SQL Server Specialist– we specially do not call this position as MS SQL DBA, due to the fact that both Great Plains and MS CRM are not very complicated from the database administration side, they do not use indexes optimization, referential stability, probably do not require complicated deal log backup/recovery circumstances. On the other hand this position requires Great Plains and Microsoft CRM tables structure analysis and some primary Great Plains data repairing skills via SQL queries, described in MBS Customer source techknowledge database. The very best candidate needs to have some accounting background – to be able to resolve ongoing issues to MBS technical assistance.
2. Network Administrator with great Microsoft Exchange and Active Directory abilities. Microsoft CRM uses all the most recent Microsoft innovations, and Exchange is a workhorse here. In order to install and upgrade MS CRM this guy needs to understand the under-laying Microsoft innovation. In the very best case – she/he must know Exchange security structure and most likely program Exchange handlers, due to the truth that CRM/Exchange port is not a best tool yet.
3. C# or VB.Net developer with excellent SQL Skills– if you are midsize or large business – you ought to have this position – you will need web publishing and MS CRM personalization and its assistance. Currently Microsoft CRM SDK has C# examples – so C# programmer would be the very best fit, it might have more VB code in the future, so the C# – VB balance maybe restored.
4. Crystal Reports Designer/Programmer – Crystal Reports is the best tool offered on the marketplace to resolve both Great Plains and MS CRM reporting requirements. This position possibly merged with one of the above.
These people should be probably cross-trained in both Great Plains, Microsoft CRM, Crystal Reports, SQL and C# shows, so you do not depend upon the special skills of someone. In our opinion, which is based on our long term consulting practice – these skills will enable you to keep the expense of IT support fairly low and prevent paying high consulting price to your Microsoft Business Solutions Partner.
Happy hiring and training! But in any case you need to select Microsoft Business Solutions Partner/Var/Reseller to be your authorities agent. This is how MBS has its channel working – it assures that Microsoft Business Solutions items are correctly carried out. If you desire us to be your Microsoft Business Solutions Partner – offer us a call 1-866-528-0577!